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If you have a grandparent or great-grandparent who loves to reminisce about “the old days”, make the most of their memories and record them for future generations before it’s too late.

Unless you have perfect recall, their precious memories of your family will die out when they go.

I wanted one that my mother-in-law could manage, as she’s very shaky, so I took her to the store to try it out.

The record button is on the side, so it’s easy for her to manage.

I bought a little digital voice recorder from an electronics store (Dick Smith in Australia) for AU.

This Instructable gives some ideas that I’ve tried out successfully with the elders in my family.

I wish I had started years ago, but I’ve started now, and that’s what counts.

Your phone or digital camera may have a voice recorder, or you can buy little digital voice recorders.

Try to get one that has its own “USB” lead and connection socket so you can transfer the voice files to a computer; some are “dictaphones” that are just made to be used and recorded over, not kept. You can get the files off “non-USB” dictaphones or cassette recorders if you get a lead and use software (often free) such as Audacity, but it’s a tedious process.

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